Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Here I go again

Well, its been a year and I've managed to keep at least some of the weight I lost last time around. However I haven't been able to run as much as I'd liked due to sore Achilles so calorie burn has suffered over the summer. I compensated with swimming for a while and have been pretty active on the beach. Diet hasn't been too bad, not too many beers and wine, but combined with a slight lack of disciple and focus, still enough to include 4-5 kgs weight gain.

Hence its time to loose them again over winter. This time I'm not going to do anything radical. My goal is to find the point where I reach a calorie deficit to loose about 0.5 kg of fat per week (1 kg of fat is 7000 calories). Slow burn of fat rather than quick diet and loose both fat and muscle. I've calculated a consumption of about 1800 cals per day. I've done it for a few days now and haven't had any problems keeping to this limit. In fact I seem to have gone under it quite a bit.

I have an iPhone app, EasyDietDiary which is an easy app to enter what you eat over the day and get calories calculated. I don't see myself entering this every day for the foreseeable future, but initially  to give an indication what I can and can't do, it will be useful. Also, once I know if I'm loosing weight or not, it will give me some benchmark to tweak the diet up or down.

I've made a theoretical program below that I'll try to follow, but this will be a guideline and I'll stick to eating whatever food we have at home and estimating weight and ingredients for the EasyDiet app. My aim is to incorporate it as a general way of living to gradually loose weight rather than put weight on. If it takes 10-20 weeks to reach my goals then so be it.

I need something to keep track of me, whether it is a program or a health monitor like the new ones coming out; the MyBasis wristwatch or Amiigo fitness bracelet. Unfortunately they are still in development and not available for regular purchase, but something like this would be great to keep tabs on oneself if you,  like me, need that push to not keep slipping.

General principles I'm working on (really similar to the Boyer stuff, but less rigid -I still recommend people try their program as it gives a good kick start and lesson on the combination of good nutrition and exercise), are thought pretty common on the internet, for example Tom Venturo's Burn the Fat - Feed the Muscle or Body Fat Solution book - which I have. Eat lean but feed muscles enough protein and nutrients to keep them growing while the body burns fat. Eat lean, combine cardio and strength training for fitness and muscle growth. Save time by doing HIIT inspired training as much as possible. Don't forget rest days are important (I tend to forget this when I get going...).

My sketch program and food list below:

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