Friday, 22 June 2012

3 month follow up

Well. it's been three months already... Time flies. I've managed to more or less keep myself around the 74.5-75kg mark using the same methods described in my previous post.

However, colds & rainy weather has interrupted my exercise routines. I've also noticed a slippage in my eating discipline. There has been alot of unhealthy, sweet, food floating around the house (not purchased by me...) and I've been falling for temptations, especially in the evenings. It's strange how cravings for sweets emerge after dinner. Don't know if it's because I'm bored or what, but chocolate or lollies always appeals more than something healthier like a sweet apple. Very wierd...

Anyway, to get back on track & also shed some more kg's for upcoming holidays and the end of the Friends of Habanos Fat Bastards' competition, I've decided to go on a two week crash diet. It's something I used to do before (loose 6-10 kg in 4 weeks) and it is successful in loosing kg's, but not as good at maintaining the loss. However I am now in a better place with overall exercise so if I knock off 3-4 kg's I may be able to sustain 2-3 of them; providing me a better buffer for future indulgences :).

Long run I would like to have a base weight of 69-70 kg with current muscle levels, e.g 15-16% body fat instead of the 18-19% I have now (according to my body scale).