Tuesday, 17 April 2012

One month later...

Time for an update since it's been about one month since I finished the Boyer diet.

I've been doing well. Keeping about 74 kg, pending between 73.5 and 75 depending on how much indulgence I've allowed myself in the weekends :).

I've kind of followed the ideas I had - consistent exercise and relatively healthy eating during the week and letting myself go from Friday evening through Sunday...

First couple of weekends I was quite generous towards myself with food, wine & sweets but realized that some caution is needed if I don't want to start slipping up half a kg here and half a kg there. It's not easy to restrain myself, especially with a wife who keeps buying sweets & chocolate and putting them more or less under my nose... :(  In other words, she is not helping. Her argument is why should she suffer just because I cant keep my weight... True I guess, but still. I'm like, if there isn't anything unhealthy to eat at home I don't miss it, but if I know it's there I can't resist.. Hence, there has been quite a bit of non-resistance the last month both at home and at work where they have ample amounts of cookies by the coffee machines...

A typical weekday consists of oatmeal porridge w raisins, flaxseed & milk for breakfast. Sushi rolls for lunch, fruit & carrots for snack (plus an occational dip in the work cookie jar..) & whatever the family is having for dinner plus, as mentioned, nips into the wife's sweet-box. Mother in law is visiting and has been cooking quite nutritional food, which is good.

I walk before breakfast & to/from the train station to the office. I run during lunch, at least 4 times/week. Have been doing quite a bit of High Intensity Interval Training, where you run at 90% of your max pulse for one minute, walk for one minute and repeat 10 times. A HIIT workout is supposed to be a better fat burner than just jogging for 30-40 mins.

A typical weekend day consists of sleep-in, coffee and either oatmeal, cereal or toast for breakfast, whatever is available for lunch and a proper dinner like BBQ meat, (limited) carbs, salad, red wine, dessert & some general unhealthy indulgence.  A Pepsi Max or beer or two or three may also be consumed... I'm not thinking too much about it other than to limit potatoes & cheese.

Exercise-wise I've been a bit lax weekends. Some housework has kept me busy and some walks w the wife, a go on the exercise bike and a run or two is what I've done on that front. My shoulder isn't yet well enough to allow strength training, so it's cardio, cardio or cardio... :)

Anyway, that's a short update. I'd be happy to loose some more fat but for now, maintaining what I have is a good start. I hope I can keep it up :)

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