Friday, 2 March 2012

Phase 2, Day 3 - Friday

What feels best? Getting up early in the morning, doing some exercise & feeling the body rapidly come to life full of energy, or sleeping in, groaning, getting slowly out of bed and needing X cups of coffee to wake up? This is hopefully one thing I'll take on after this diet.

The second thing post Boyer is that eating many small meals keeps me from going hungry during the working day. Rather than just have a snack , big lunch and afternoon snack I might have 3-4 meals evenly spread  throughout the work day.

Lots of steps on the pedometer today. Home from work so I could do an hour's beach walking after leaving the boys at school. My wife & I also went to the shopping mall, where I've realized it's possible to clock up loads of steps, something that shows on today's pedometer count.

I purchased a new scale which measures body fat and stuff, a Propert 3043. An initial, midday, weigh in  revealed BMI 25,6, body fat 19.2%, bone weight 3.4kg, water 52.9 % & muscle 38%.

1. boiled eggs and carrot sticks
2. Grilled chicken & saurkraut
3. Chick Pea salad w capsicum, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, balsamic vinegar & garlic.

30 min exercise bike (approx 5,000 steps)
1 hr walk on the beach

Pedometer count

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