Monday, 12 March 2012

Phase 3, Day 3 - Monday

My lower body, from back to feet, is still feeling stiff, strained and tired. Hence no running today (or probably not tomorrow either). Morning & lunch walks (37C today) and a "jogging" session in the pool made up today's exercise count.

Loosing a couple 100 grams of weight each day. Trying to eat less than "full stomach" to keep the metabolism going. Looking forward to seeing how long the continuous weight loss continues. Knowing my body, I loose a couple of kg down to some "plateau" weight the body decides and them I'm stuck there for a number of days until I move downwards again. Strange, but that's the way my body seems to work. I wonder where the next plateau is. 73 kg would be nice :)

1. Boiled eggs
2. Steamed emperor fillet w spices, sauerkraut, peas, carrot, lemon & cayenne.
3. Tuna w avocado, peas, carrot, balsamic vinegar & tumeric

20 min morning walk
Walk to from bus & work
40 min lunch walk
30 min pool walk/jog to music