Sunday, 11 March 2012

Phase 3, Day 2 - Sunday

Another scorcher day, 40C.. Not the best environment for exercise. Did a 6km jog in the morning, Runkeeper & an hour's "running" in the pool. Step count is irrelevant today as I got my exercise though other means.

I've almost felt my body burning the food I've been eating. Managed to keep portions small, half a chicken breast and a sweet potato for all day. Lets hope this metabolism continues to increase the rest of the remaining week...

1. 3 boiled eggs
2. Grilled chicken breast w sweet potato mash (tumeric, lemon, cayenne).
3. Various crap - apple, onioin soup,..

Lemon water
Apple cider water
Psyllum Husk water

45 min jog
1 hour pool stomping