Monday, 19 March 2012

Phase 3, Day 10 - Monday

So it's the last day of the program. Doesn't feel like it though. I'm kind of mentally prepared to continue, at least for a while in the same spirit. I need to loose a couple more kgs of fat. I don't expect to do this in any rapid fashion, but maybe following the food and exercise intention during the working week and relaxing weekends is a way forward? We'll see.

This last day I did a normal round of exercise and, as has been the habit lately, cheated a bit on the food front this evening. Ate more than I should of grandma's beef stew (Swedish kalops) and drank milk from the bottle (yummm!!! )

Most of all I'm actually proud of Blogging every single day throughout the program. Never thought I'd keep this up. That's a victory if anything!!

2 boiled eggs
Chicken salad w peas, green beans, carrot, turnmeric, ginger, chili, balsamic & apple cider vinegar
Beef stew w carrot & beetroot & milk

25 min morning walk
Walk to from work
55 min lunch time walk
20 min on exercise bike @ 90 rpm