Saturday, 10 March 2012

Phase 3, Day 1 - Saturday

Weigh in after phase 2: Weight 76.8kg (-6.5), Waist 92cm (-7), Chest 97cm (-5) . I guess quite ok, better than I feared mid through phase 2, where it seemed I'd stalled & lost motivation. But patience prevailed...

Unfortunately, due to my shoulder preventing me from doing the strength programs, not all weight loss is fat. My super scale tells me muscle has decreased from 38% to 37.2%, just as I feared. So once my shoulder is usable I'll have to start a muscle buildup program.

Phase 3 required 15,000 steps, or equivalent per day. Missing the workouts means I need upwards of 20,000 steps. I'll be hard pressed for time to do this the next 10 days. We'll see how we go...

Started off with a long walk this morning, almost killing my lower back in the process... Runkeeper . It's a scorching hot day, up to 39C, so running was out of the question. I also did resistance training in the pool, jogging on the spot for 30 mins. Very good exercise.

Food (Phase 3 is 70% protein & 30% carbs)
1. 2 Boiled eggs
2. Sauerkraut, grilled chicken and canelotti beans.
3. Nectarines (not on menu list...)

Drink (have forgotten  this section for a while...)
Psyllum Husks in water w apple ciger vinegar (stomach is constipated again..)
Lemon water
Black coffee

Walk along the seaside
Pool "jogging" 30 min (about 3-3500 steps)

Pedometer count