Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Phase 2, Day 8 - Wednesday

Hospital visit to the Orthopedist with my shoulder. Verdict: sling for another week, the physio and no martial arts for at least 6 months... I'll have to find something else to do post this diet program.

Another warm day but not as hot as yesterday. My morning doctors appointment allowed me half an hours walk along the seaside. I also had half an hours jog at lunch, Runkeeper.

1. Boiled Eggs
2. Salad from chick peas, saurkraut, capsicum, tomato, Moroccan spice, balsamic vinegar
3. Steamed red emperor fillet w fish spices & sweet potato pure w lemon, lemon pepper, garlic & ginger.

I doubled checked the menu and realized that chicken wasn't on the menu until next phase. Damn! Just hope it won't affect the overall results too much...

Morning beach walk
Walk to from bus & to from work
Lunch time jog & walk.

18,300 steps (am on my third KMart replacement...)

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