Monday, 5 March 2012

Phase 2, Day 6 - Monday

Public holiday, so still able to keep the routine of an hour walk in the morning. Followed this up with a trip to the shops (you actually log a large number of steps there), half an hour on the exercise bike and a walk to the beach in the evening. It was a hot day so most of the afternoon spent indoors. I'm a bit concerned I'll be loosing muscle as my shoulder prevents me from doing any muscle toning. I also miss the strength and Taekwondo sessions. It feels they give more to the body than walking does. Tried jogging today, but it pained my shoulder so I had to revert back to walking.

I've been eating plums to get the stomach going, which has partly worked, although sounds are still active :) .

1. Boiled Eggs & carrots
2. Grilled chicken w saurkraut (keep repeating, but I like it)
3. Salad from lentils, capsicum, tomato, cucumber, balsamic vinegar & cayenne.

Exercise bike

Step count