Sunday, 4 March 2012

Phase 2, Day 5 - Sunday

Halfway time!!! Maybe that's why I sinned a bit on the food front, nibbling some pizza & yogurt from the other family members meals... Hope I didn't ruin my ongoing metabolism increase by doing so.

Otherwise another walk day - morning hour long beachside and afternoon to the shops. It was a hot day so no exercise midday, just a trip to the beach.

I'm having trouble keeping away from food in the evenings, lapsing as mentioned to delights on the table not part of my diet. Hope I can keep this at bay the rest of the diet period.

My stomach is constipated again; no toilet visit since last Tuesday. However I'm not feeling tension in my bowels, although it is a bit noisy at times...

1. Boiled eggs & carrot sticks
2. Steamed Blue Whiting w quinoa & mixed veggies, sprinkled w olive oil, white vinegar & thai spice mix
3. Plank grilled salmon w mixed veggies, lemon juice & cayenne.


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