Thursday, 1 March 2012

Phase 2, Day 2 - Thursday

Home from work again. The doctor gave me 4 days off, & I'll use them. Besides my son is still sick from ear infection & home from school, so I can look after him as well. Arm is ok as long as I keep it in a sling . The only time it can pain a bit is when I'm in bed keeping it in the same position for long.

Did 1 hour on the exercise bike to compensate for my lack of Boyer exercise program ability. Did some squats and standing abs crunches.

1. boiled eggs and carrot sticks
2. Grilled chicken & saurkraut
3. Tuna salad w capsicum, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, balsamic vinegar & garlic.

1 hour exercise bike (approx 10,000 steps)
30-40 min walk on the beach

Pedometer count

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