Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Day 1 - Rest of my life

Weigh in this morning and measurements this evening...

Results are:

Weight 74 kg (-9.2kg). The new scale read 73.6, but for consistency the old one prevails..
Waist 90 cm (-10 cm)
Chest 96 cm (-6 cm)

BMI 23.7, body fat 18.5%, bone weight 3.5kg, water 59.9 % & muscle 38.3%.

Not bad. I have to be satisfied with that. My ultimate goal is to weigh closer to 70 than 75 kg, assuming the same muscle mass, but there is still time. Now the rest of the future starts and it's up to me to continue to loose weight (abet more slowly) or revert back to old habits and regain all lost weight within 6 months... :)

Statistically, in Phase 1 I lost 3.7 kg, Phase 2 2.8 kg & Phase 3 2.7 kg. According to the program most of the weight loss was supposed to come in phase 3, but for me it didn't. It was pretty consistent all way through. I contribute a bit of the loss in phase 1 to cleaning out the body and emptying it of crap. I'd guess that at least 1 kg will come back immediately if I start eating junk again.

There can be many other reasons why I didn't experience a dramatic weight loss in phase 3. Some I can think of are:
  • I wasn't obese when I started and thus didn't have an enormous bulk of fat to loose. They say the less you have to loose the harder it is, which may explain things. After all, my current BMI & body fat values are within the "normal" range, although I still carry more fat around the waist & chest than I want to.
  • I stopped drinking the metabolism kick-start exercise drink when I busted my shoulder & couldn't do Derek's workouts in the morning. Could this, combined with the fact theat the workouts maybe burn more fat than walking, have slowed my metabolism?
  • Maybe my body looses weight easier with less protein? Throughout the phases the protein content in the diet increases.
  • I cheated a bit on the food front in phase 3. Had 6-7 meals rather than 12. Nibbled from the families' food plates, etc. This could have slowed the transformation.
  • It's just the way my body works. On a diet I loose weight in a slow and steady manner. After all, my body has always had slow metabolism. For example if my wife and I share a pizza & a bottle of wine, I weigh a kilo more in the morning and she doesn't.

The future

For me the Boyer Program is too rigid for everyday use. I will attempt to maintain it in spirit by adapting a version which hopefully reaps the benefits, while still allowing for a normal, social life with family & friends. I hope to if not loose weight, at least maintain most of what I've lost. If I still have less than 19% body fat in 6 months I'm happy. My actual weight will then depend on the amount of muscle I've put on.

A key thought on food is:

My long term idea is:

Monday to Friday:
  • Porridge or eggs for breakfast.
  • Bring lunch to work with food from the diet plan, broken down into 4-5 portions to eat throughout the day. Add raw carrots if required. Unfortunately this means dragging the Esky along, but can't be helped...
  • Be ok eating lunch with colleagues every now and then, but avoid fatty Asian Noodle dishes, 1ft Subways (stick to 6"), hamburger fries, deep fried chicken & rice, etc.
  • Eat dinner with the family, avoiding bad carbs, thick sauces, etc. Eat less and drink more water.
  • Breakfast similar as above. Avoid cheese, toast, marmalade.
  • Eat whatever I want, limiting the bad stuff as much as possible (fatty food, fast carbs, general crap, etc).  For example have just steak and salad and leave potatoes, pasta or rice to the kids. 
  • Introduce more fish into the family diet (we often have fish, but could do more). 
  • Fruit, nuts, etc for snacks.
  • Stick mainly to water. Add lemon, apple cider vinegar, etc for flavour & increased digestion).
  • Occasional glass of juice is ok, as is a Pepsi Max (while ignoring all the buzz about artificial sweeteners being bad & increasing your thrive for sugar...)
  • Enjoy a couple of beers or half a bottle of wine over the weekend.
  • Rum or whisky with a cigar is also fine :)
BTW I found this article on the web about healthy eating for busy people, which is in line with what I'm proposing to do above. Visit this site for some good, free tips on exercise and weight loss.

  • For as long as the weather allows, continue morning and lunch time walks or jogs. Keep pedometer and try to do 10,000 steps/day. If rain use bike or do a workout.
  • As soon as my shoulder is ok, do one of Derek's workouts 3-4 times a week.
  • Keep the exercise bike going when watching TV. An easy 20-45 mins @80-90rpm is better than sitting still.
  • Whatever other exercise I begin to do once shoulder is healed (Taekwondo, squash, etc)

This is the end of the daily blogging on my Boyer Weight Loss journey. I hope you've enjoyed reading about it and realise that it can be done as long as you really want to. It requires time and dedication. If you have this and need to change your life around, go for it!

See Boyer Weight Loss' home page for more details. I am not affiliated with them in any way & do not receive any kickback for promoting their program (although maybe I should look in to this? :) ). I'm just a satisfied customer/client or whatever they want to call us...

I'll post the occasional update if I have anything interesting to report on my continuing progress (success or failure)...

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  1. Please are you able to send me through the diet. I'm following what you have done but need more recipes etc pretty pretty please. Good work by the way, good on you for sticking with it