Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Day 1 - Rest of my life

Weigh in this morning and measurements this evening...

Results are:

Weight 74 kg (-9.2kg). The new scale read 73.6, but for consistency the old one prevails..
Waist 90 cm (-10 cm)
Chest 96 cm (-6 cm)

BMI 23.7, body fat 18.5%, bone weight 3.5kg, water 59.9 % & muscle 38.3%.

Not bad. I have to be satisfied with that. My ultimate goal is to weigh closer to 70 than 75 kg, assuming the same muscle mass, but there is still time. Now the rest of the future starts and it's up to me to continue to loose weight (abet more slowly) or revert back to old habits and regain all lost weight within 6 months... :)

Statistically, in Phase 1 I lost 3.7 kg, Phase 2 2.8 kg & Phase 3 2.7 kg. According to the program most of the weight loss was supposed to come in phase 3, but for me it didn't. It was pretty consistent all way through. I contribute a bit of the loss in phase 1 to cleaning out the body and emptying it of crap. I'd guess that at least 1 kg will come back immediately if I start eating junk again.

There can be many other reasons why I didn't experience a dramatic weight loss in phase 3. Some I can think of are:
  • I wasn't obese when I started and thus didn't have an enormous bulk of fat to loose. They say the less you have to loose the harder it is, which may explain things. After all, my current BMI & body fat values are within the "normal" range, although I still carry more fat around the waist & chest than I want to.
  • I stopped drinking the metabolism kick-start exercise drink when I busted my shoulder & couldn't do Derek's workouts in the morning. Could this, combined with the fact theat the workouts maybe burn more fat than walking, have slowed my metabolism?
  • Maybe my body looses weight easier with less protein? Throughout the phases the protein content in the diet increases.
  • I cheated a bit on the food front in phase 3. Had 6-7 meals rather than 12. Nibbled from the families' food plates, etc. This could have slowed the transformation.
  • It's just the way my body works. On a diet I loose weight in a slow and steady manner. After all, my body has always had slow metabolism. For example if my wife and I share a pizza & a bottle of wine, I weigh a kilo more in the morning and she doesn't.

The future

For me the Boyer Program is too rigid for everyday use. I will attempt to maintain it in spirit by adapting a version which hopefully reaps the benefits, while still allowing for a normal, social life with family & friends. I hope to if not loose weight, at least maintain most of what I've lost. If I still have less than 19% body fat in 6 months I'm happy. My actual weight will then depend on the amount of muscle I've put on.

A key thought on food is:

My long term idea is:

Monday to Friday:
  • Porridge or eggs for breakfast.
  • Bring lunch to work with food from the diet plan, broken down into 4-5 portions to eat throughout the day. Add raw carrots if required. Unfortunately this means dragging the Esky along, but can't be helped...
  • Be ok eating lunch with colleagues every now and then, but avoid fatty Asian Noodle dishes, 1ft Subways (stick to 6"), hamburger fries, deep fried chicken & rice, etc.
  • Eat dinner with the family, avoiding bad carbs, thick sauces, etc. Eat less and drink more water.
  • Breakfast similar as above. Avoid cheese, toast, marmalade.
  • Eat whatever I want, limiting the bad stuff as much as possible (fatty food, fast carbs, general crap, etc).  For example have just steak and salad and leave potatoes, pasta or rice to the kids. 
  • Introduce more fish into the family diet (we often have fish, but could do more). 
  • Fruit, nuts, etc for snacks.
  • Stick mainly to water. Add lemon, apple cider vinegar, etc for flavour & increased digestion).
  • Occasional glass of juice is ok, as is a Pepsi Max (while ignoring all the buzz about artificial sweeteners being bad & increasing your thrive for sugar...)
  • Enjoy a couple of beers or half a bottle of wine over the weekend.
  • Rum or whisky with a cigar is also fine :)
BTW I found this article on the web about healthy eating for busy people, which is in line with what I'm proposing to do above. Visit this site for some good, free tips on exercise and weight loss.

  • For as long as the weather allows, continue morning and lunch time walks or jogs. Keep pedometer and try to do 10,000 steps/day. If rain use bike or do a workout.
  • As soon as my shoulder is ok, do one of Derek's workouts 3-4 times a week.
  • Keep the exercise bike going when watching TV. An easy 20-45 mins @80-90rpm is better than sitting still.
  • Whatever other exercise I begin to do once shoulder is healed (Taekwondo, squash, etc)

This is the end of the daily blogging on my Boyer Weight Loss journey. I hope you've enjoyed reading about it and realise that it can be done as long as you really want to. It requires time and dedication. If you have this and need to change your life around, go for it!

See Boyer Weight Loss' home page for more details. I am not affiliated with them in any way & do not receive any kickback for promoting their program (although maybe I should look in to this? :) ). I'm just a satisfied customer/client or whatever they want to call us...

I'll post the occasional update if I have anything interesting to report on my continuing progress (success or failure)...

Monday, 19 March 2012

Phase 3, Day 10 - Monday

So it's the last day of the program. Doesn't feel like it though. I'm kind of mentally prepared to continue, at least for a while in the same spirit. I need to loose a couple more kgs of fat. I don't expect to do this in any rapid fashion, but maybe following the food and exercise intention during the working week and relaxing weekends is a way forward? We'll see.

This last day I did a normal round of exercise and, as has been the habit lately, cheated a bit on the food front this evening. Ate more than I should of grandma's beef stew (Swedish kalops) and drank milk from the bottle (yummm!!! )

Most of all I'm actually proud of Blogging every single day throughout the program. Never thought I'd keep this up. That's a victory if anything!!

2 boiled eggs
Chicken salad w peas, green beans, carrot, turnmeric, ginger, chili, balsamic & apple cider vinegar
Beef stew w carrot & beetroot & milk

25 min morning walk
Walk to from work
55 min lunch time walk
20 min on exercise bike @ 90 rpm


Sunday, 18 March 2012

Phase 3, Day 9 - Sunday

One more day to go!!! Yes!!! And then the sustaining phase begins...

I'd like to take a diet break for a couple of weeks, but knowing myself and my body this means regaining at least half the kg's I've lost, which would waste the time and energy I've spent doing this program. Not a good idea. But I'll have to find a way to keep up the good sides while allowing enough slack (beer, wine, BBQ, diary products, etc) to live a normal social life..

Didn't wear the pedometer at all today. I had no time or energy to run or walk, so wearing it seemed pointless. Today's exercise came from other means, and should be equivalent to 12-15,000 steps. I also sinned by drinking some Pepsi Max and Coffee Chill, which contains some sugarish stuff (forbidden). Have also been taking lactulose to get the stomach going, which had some success...

2 boiled eggs
Tuna salad w lettuce, capsicum, tomato, apple cider vinegar, garlic, chili & ginger
Nibbles of veal schnitzel and veggies from the families dinner (not on diet menu!!!)
Apples (not on menu..)

1 hr pool exercise
40 min on exercise bike (@90+rpm = 7500 steps)

Didn't count today.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Phase 3, Day 8 - Saturday

Had one of those "where has all my energy gone" moments this morning when I set out for a run. I felt like I hadn't eaten in days & lost all muscle mass & cardio... It was a tough run to say the least.

With that I decided to take it easy today and not press myself too much. Apart from a 40 min pool workout I just strayed around the house fixing things and watching F1 on TV. Hoping the weight loss will take care of itself... :)

2 boiled eggs
Tuna salad w kidney beans, mix lettuce, tomato, capsicum, balsamic & apple cider vinegar
Plums & fruit
Sliced grilled chicken breast w boiled beetroot.

30 min morning run
40 min pool exercise


Friday, 16 March 2012

Phase 3, Day 7 - Friday

No weight loss this morning so I upped the exercise to 21000 steps today & tried to keep restrained on the food front. Long lunch walk again. Hoping to loose another 1-1.5kg during the last three days of the program, if only the stomach would loosen up...

1.5 boiled eggs ( son wanted half)
Grilled chicken, red capsicum, tomato w apple cider vinegar and turmeric
Salmon w green beans, lemon juice and cayenne

Morning walk
Walk to from work
1 hr lunch time walk w a short run spurt
Evening walk along the beach


Thursday, 15 March 2012

Phase 3, Day 6 - Thursday

What I've done the last week is to only make two meals each night instead of three. Two takes enough time. I divide these two meals into 8 containers and bring to work the next day. Usually I've had two left for dinner at home.

For breakfast I, after my morning walk, put two eggs on the boil while having a shower & eat with a cup of dandelion tea. I also try to have a glass of psyllium husks twice daily (stomach isn't impressed by the diet, only bombing every 3-4 days).

Good lunch time run today. Started out as a walk but decided to see how far I could run until legs and back objected. Shins complained quickly but managed 3.5km or so at a higher than usual tempo.

2 Boiled eggs
Grilled thai spiced chicken, green beans, lime juice, turmeric, ginger, cayenne
Chickpeas, capsicum, tomato, lettuce, apple cider vinegar & cayenne.

25 min morning walk
Walk to from work
35 min jog at lunch


Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Phase 3, Day 5 - Wednesday

Had a physio appointment for the shoulder after work so had to get all exercise in before then. Morning walk and a long one at lunch time, taking me to Heirisson Island for the first time. This was a nice quiet park with kangaroos :), Runkeeper.

Physio gave the shoulder ok for therapy to regain movement in the first instance (next couple of weeks) and then build up strength and so.

1. Boiled eggs for breakfast
2. Grilled chicken breast, sauerkraut, lime juice & cayenne pepper
3. Steamed emperor fillet, capsicum & avocado w apple cider vinegar, turmeric & cayenne.

20 min morning walk
Walk to-from bus, work & physio
70 min lunch time walk


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Phase 3, Day 4 - Tuesday

Getting closer to the finish line :) Still loosing a 3-400g each day, hopefully this means another 1-2 kg before the program is over.

Cooler weather today, "only" 31C. Need to save my shoulder so no running for a few days, only walking. Lunch time walk as usual, Runkeeper.

Feeling good, but looking forward to the end of this all the same. Although I realise I can't go back to old eating habits and need to continue doing some exercise most mornings and lunch times it will still seem like freedom next Tuesday. Thereafter everything I do will be on my terms, not dictated by a program I've obliged to follow. Whether that is a good or bad thing is anyone's guess...

1. Boiled Eggs
2. Steamed emperor fillet w avocado, tomatoes & capsicum, lemon juice & cayenne pepper
3. Chickpeas with capsicum & cucumber, balsamic vinegar & tumeric
4. Some left over oat meal porridge.

25 min morning walk
Walk to from bus & work
45 min walk lunch time
20 min "jogging" in the pool after work


Monday, 12 March 2012

Phase 3, Day 3 - Monday

My lower body, from back to feet, is still feeling stiff, strained and tired. Hence no running today (or probably not tomorrow either). Morning & lunch walks (37C today) and a "jogging" session in the pool made up today's exercise count.

Loosing a couple 100 grams of weight each day. Trying to eat less than "full stomach" to keep the metabolism going. Looking forward to seeing how long the continuous weight loss continues. Knowing my body, I loose a couple of kg down to some "plateau" weight the body decides and them I'm stuck there for a number of days until I move downwards again. Strange, but that's the way my body seems to work. I wonder where the next plateau is. 73 kg would be nice :)

1. Boiled eggs
2. Steamed emperor fillet w spices, sauerkraut, peas, carrot, lemon & cayenne.
3. Tuna w avocado, peas, carrot, balsamic vinegar & tumeric

20 min morning walk
Walk to from bus & work
40 min lunch walk
30 min pool walk/jog to music


Sunday, 11 March 2012

Phase 3, Day 2 - Sunday

Another scorcher day, 40C.. Not the best environment for exercise. Did a 6km jog in the morning, Runkeeper & an hour's "running" in the pool. Step count is irrelevant today as I got my exercise though other means.

I've almost felt my body burning the food I've been eating. Managed to keep portions small, half a chicken breast and a sweet potato for all day. Lets hope this metabolism continues to increase the rest of the remaining week...

1. 3 boiled eggs
2. Grilled chicken breast w sweet potato mash (tumeric, lemon, cayenne).
3. Various crap - apple, onioin soup,..

Lemon water
Apple cider water
Psyllum Husk water

45 min jog
1 hour pool stomping


Saturday, 10 March 2012

Phase 3, Day 1 - Saturday

Weigh in after phase 2: Weight 76.8kg (-6.5), Waist 92cm (-7), Chest 97cm (-5) . I guess quite ok, better than I feared mid through phase 2, where it seemed I'd stalled & lost motivation. But patience prevailed...

Unfortunately, due to my shoulder preventing me from doing the strength programs, not all weight loss is fat. My super scale tells me muscle has decreased from 38% to 37.2%, just as I feared. So once my shoulder is usable I'll have to start a muscle buildup program.

Phase 3 required 15,000 steps, or equivalent per day. Missing the workouts means I need upwards of 20,000 steps. I'll be hard pressed for time to do this the next 10 days. We'll see how we go...

Started off with a long walk this morning, almost killing my lower back in the process... Runkeeper . It's a scorching hot day, up to 39C, so running was out of the question. I also did resistance training in the pool, jogging on the spot for 30 mins. Very good exercise.

Food (Phase 3 is 70% protein & 30% carbs)
1. 2 Boiled eggs
2. Sauerkraut, grilled chicken and canelotti beans.
3. Nectarines (not on menu list...)

Drink (have forgotten  this section for a while...)
Psyllum Husks in water w apple ciger vinegar (stomach is constipated again..)
Lemon water
Black coffee

Walk along the seaside
Pool "jogging" 30 min (about 3-3500 steps)

Pedometer count

Friday, 9 March 2012

Phase 2, Day 10 - Friday

Feeling a bit fed up and tired until midday when I went for a long walk (sparing my knees and shins & adapting to the 38C heat). Runkeeper After this my energy came back and I feel revived and 'eager' to continue. After all, it's last day of phase 2 and a weigh in tomorrow. Results won't be as good as for phase 1 but the program promises more from phase 3, where food focus is on proteins. Phase 3 requires more exercise though. I wonder where I'll find time for that????


1. Quiche from 5 eggs, capsicum, tomato, spinach, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper
2. Salad from cannelloni beans, capsicum, tomato & asparagus
3. Carrot

20 min morning walk
Walk to-from bus & work
55 min lunch time walk


Thursday, 8 March 2012

Phase 2, Day 9 - Thursday

Early morning walk/jog to and on the beach. Running in sand is a good workout :). Also managed a lunch time run at work, Runkeeper.

Still falling through somewhat with food during evenings. Found some old oatmeal porridge which seemed more appealing than rabbit food... Some instant noodles from my son's bowl also made their way into my stomach...

1. Boiled egg
2. Steamed emperor fillet & sweet potato mash
3. Salad from chickpeas, capsicum, tomato & asparagus
4. Oatmeal porridge.. ;)

20 min morning jog/walk
Walk to-from bus & work
25 min lunch time jog


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Phase 2, Day 8 - Wednesday

Hospital visit to the Orthopedist with my shoulder. Verdict: sling for another week, the physio and no martial arts for at least 6 months... I'll have to find something else to do post this diet program.

Another warm day but not as hot as yesterday. My morning doctors appointment allowed me half an hours walk along the seaside. I also had half an hours jog at lunch, Runkeeper.

1. Boiled Eggs
2. Salad from chick peas, saurkraut, capsicum, tomato, Moroccan spice, balsamic vinegar
3. Steamed red emperor fillet w fish spices & sweet potato pure w lemon, lemon pepper, garlic & ginger.

I doubled checked the menu and realized that chicken wasn't on the menu until next phase. Damn! Just hope it won't affect the overall results too much...

Morning beach walk
Walk to from bus & to from work
Lunch time jog & walk.

18,300 steps (am on my third KMart replacement...)

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Phase 2, Day 7 - Tuesday

I must say, following this weight loss program requires dedication. If you're tight on time don't even bother. To complete all exercise requirements you need 1.5-2 hours per day. Then you need to prepare 12 meals. Since there is loads of vegetables and (lean) meat to prepare it can easily take over an hour. Best is to prepare to last two or more days.  I feel I spend half my evenings preparing food and, to be honest, I am finding it tedious. At least now I can't practice Taekwondo I have more time for food prep. On the other hand I don't get the great workouts from training. Walking and jogging doesn't quite compensate the full Taekwondo body conditioning (nor the pain... ;) ) .

Talking about jogging, I was back at work today and, despite the 37C heat, managed 1,75 laps around Langley Park. I'm pretty happy with this result. My arm ached some but not bad enough to stop.

I must confess I am getting a little tired of the program. Another 13 days feels a long time. One sign  is the food cheating I mentioned the other day. I still cheat a bit with the food post 6pm. A bite of pizza, some fresh bread, a slice of meat etc. No alcohol though!

If I don't get a weight break the next couple of days I may find the last phase hard motivation... On the other hand, if I can't stop food nibbling I never will...

1. Boiled egg
2. Chicken and saurkraut
3. Lentil salad w capsicum, tomato, cucumber (same as yesterday)

20 min on exercise bike
30 min jog lunch time
Walk to-from bus & to-from work (5.5-6km)

About 13,000 (the $3 KMart thingy played up and won't display today's final total)

Monday, 5 March 2012

Phase 2, Day 6 - Monday

Public holiday, so still able to keep the routine of an hour walk in the morning. Followed this up with a trip to the shops (you actually log a large number of steps there), half an hour on the exercise bike and a walk to the beach in the evening. It was a hot day so most of the afternoon spent indoors. I'm a bit concerned I'll be loosing muscle as my shoulder prevents me from doing any muscle toning. I also miss the strength and Taekwondo sessions. It feels they give more to the body than walking does. Tried jogging today, but it pained my shoulder so I had to revert back to walking.

I've been eating plums to get the stomach going, which has partly worked, although sounds are still active :) .

1. Boiled Eggs & carrots
2. Grilled chicken w saurkraut (keep repeating, but I like it)
3. Salad from lentils, capsicum, tomato, cucumber, balsamic vinegar & cayenne.

Exercise bike

Step count

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Phase 2, Day 5 - Sunday

Halfway time!!! Maybe that's why I sinned a bit on the food front, nibbling some pizza & yogurt from the other family members meals... Hope I didn't ruin my ongoing metabolism increase by doing so.

Otherwise another walk day - morning hour long beachside and afternoon to the shops. It was a hot day so no exercise midday, just a trip to the beach.

I'm having trouble keeping away from food in the evenings, lapsing as mentioned to delights on the table not part of my diet. Hope I can keep this at bay the rest of the diet period.

My stomach is constipated again; no toilet visit since last Tuesday. However I'm not feeling tension in my bowels, although it is a bit noisy at times...

1. Boiled eggs & carrot sticks
2. Steamed Blue Whiting w quinoa & mixed veggies, sprinkled w olive oil, white vinegar & thai spice mix
3. Plank grilled salmon w mixed veggies, lemon juice & cayenne.


Pedometer count 

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Phase 2, Day 4 - Saturday

Morning walk along the beach finished off with a dip in the sea took care of half the days exercise needs. The rest was taken care of by moving around the house and walking one of the boys to a friend.

1. Boiled eggs
2. Tuna, chickpea, capsicum, peas & cherry tomato salad w lemon & spice mix
3. Grilled chicken with Sauerkraut

1. Water w lemon
2. Water w apple cider vinegar
3. Coffee



Friday, 2 March 2012

Phase 2, Day 3 - Friday

What feels best? Getting up early in the morning, doing some exercise & feeling the body rapidly come to life full of energy, or sleeping in, groaning, getting slowly out of bed and needing X cups of coffee to wake up? This is hopefully one thing I'll take on after this diet.

The second thing post Boyer is that eating many small meals keeps me from going hungry during the working day. Rather than just have a snack , big lunch and afternoon snack I might have 3-4 meals evenly spread  throughout the work day.

Lots of steps on the pedometer today. Home from work so I could do an hour's beach walking after leaving the boys at school. My wife & I also went to the shopping mall, where I've realized it's possible to clock up loads of steps, something that shows on today's pedometer count.

I purchased a new scale which measures body fat and stuff, a Propert 3043. An initial, midday, weigh in  revealed BMI 25,6, body fat 19.2%, bone weight 3.4kg, water 52.9 % & muscle 38%.

1. boiled eggs and carrot sticks
2. Grilled chicken & saurkraut
3. Chick Pea salad w capsicum, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, balsamic vinegar & garlic.

30 min exercise bike (approx 5,000 steps)
1 hr walk on the beach

Pedometer count

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Phase 2, Day 2 - Thursday

Home from work again. The doctor gave me 4 days off, & I'll use them. Besides my son is still sick from ear infection & home from school, so I can look after him as well. Arm is ok as long as I keep it in a sling . The only time it can pain a bit is when I'm in bed keeping it in the same position for long.

Did 1 hour on the exercise bike to compensate for my lack of Boyer exercise program ability. Did some squats and standing abs crunches.

1. boiled eggs and carrot sticks
2. Grilled chicken & saurkraut
3. Tuna salad w capsicum, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, balsamic vinegar & garlic.

1 hour exercise bike (approx 10,000 steps)
30-40 min walk on the beach

Pedometer count