Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Phase 2, Day 1 - Wednesday

Home from work for obvious reasons. Trying to get used to wearing a sling and recovering from yesterday's evening in the Emergency Department at Joondalup Hospital. The morphine they gave me left me feeling wheezy today.

My weigh in this morning showed 79,0 kg. I think I was very de-hydrated from the morphine and lack of drink last night, so 79.5 kg is a more reasonable figure. Midday the scales showed 80 kg.

So, beginning Phase 2 my stats are: weight 79.5 kgs (-3.7), Chest 99 cm (-3), Waist 95.5 cm (-3.5).

I can't do the exercise videos any more so to compensate I'll do whatever strength I can without using my arms (standing crunches, squats, etc) and walk, jog or pedal more. Today I clocked up an hour on the exercise bike (80rpm*2 = 9600 steps) and walked 10,700 steps.

Just realized I've not prepared any food for tomorrow. I'll have to whack something together from leftovers and cans tomorrow morning.

1. Boiled eggs and carrot sticks
2. Grilled Blue Whiting w green beans & garlic
3. Grilled chicken marinated with apple cider vinegar, ginger, garlic & cayenne served with saurkraut.

Walk around house and to Mullaloo Beach in the evening
1 hour on the exercise bike (9,600 steps)

Pedometer count