Sunday, 26 February 2012

Phase 1, Day 8 - Sunday

Stomach a bit tight so added BeneFiber to hopefully wake it up. I haven't lost much weight the last couple days but feeling fit and light, which is good.

40 mins on exercise bike @ 80 rpm (2 steps/rpm) = 6400 steps. Apart from this the pedometer clocked over13000 steps from around the house, a trip to the shops & a walk to the beach. I'm not convinced I've walked that much, but maybe domestic stuff gives you more movement than you think? I have the pedometer on lowest sensitivity so it shouldn't be registering non-movements. I'll just have to trust it's correct.

1. Low salt stock blended w quinoa
2. Chickpeas added to mash of sweet potato, pumpkin, garlic, cayenne, lemon, salt & pepper.
3. Green salad of cucumber, tomato, red capsicum, spinach leaves, avocado & balsamic vinegar.
4. A carrot while shoppin

1. Water w lemon/lime
2. Coffee

30 min Program B (in the evening, not morning)
40 min on exercise bike
Walk to Mullaloo Beach

Pedometer count
13,400 (excl. bike)