Saturday, 25 February 2012

Phase 1, Day 7 - Saturday

Slow day today. Started off with the exercise program and then spent most of the day fiddling with iTunes on the computer... At 3 o'clock I was restless and set off for a jog from home, along the coast to Ocean Reef Boat harbor, 2.5km each way. I managed to jog all the way (4-4.5km) until I met my wife and children on the return journey, where I stopped and walked with them back to Mullaloo Beach. Again, it's my legs that object most to the jogging, not my cardio. I've ordered an arm-band for my iphone to I can start tracking my runs with Runkeeper.

1. Low salt Broth/Stock w blended quinoa
2. Corn and red kidney mix w balsamic vinegar
3. Green salad from tomato, red capsicum, peas & avocado dressed w red wine vinegar
4. 2 meatballs (couldn't resist...)

1. Water w lemon
2. Coffee
3. Exercise drink

30 min Program A
35 min jog & 20 min walk Mullaloo Beach to Ocean Reef

Pedometer count

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