Friday, 24 February 2012

Phase 1, Day 6 - Friday

Wow! Instead of walking I thought I'd see how far I could jog (second time in 18 yrs as far as I can remember, first time was on Sunday) during my lunch break. I was amazed! My legs, especially right knee, objected but bar that my cardio allowed 2 laps around Langley Park, about 4-4.5 km! Impressive for me who hates running, unless I’m chasing a ball of some kind... Best part was it gave me lots of energy for the afternoon (abet lack of concentration..).

My right elbow tendinitis is playing up during some of the morning exercises, especially Turkish getup's, shoulder pull of the bands, & pushups. I'll have to either use my tennis elbow splint or reduce intensity to avoid prolonged problems.

I'm feeling good but still sleeping badly. Weird.

Friday is usually come home and chill with a beer or glass of wine. But not now :(  Instead I'll "celebrate"  progress with a nice cigar (check out and sparkling mineral water w a dash of lime and maple syrup!

1. Low salt Broth/Stock w cayenne
2. Boiled beetroot chunks in pure` from quinoa, pumpkin, lemon, chilli, lemon peer & parsley flakes (went too wild on the chilli - buuurrnnn!!)
3. Green salad from tomato, red capsicum, cucumber, spinach & avocado dressed w balsamic (good)
4. A small handful of almonds

1. Water w lemon
2. Coffee
3. Exercise drink
4. Green Tea

30 min Program A
Walk to-from work (30 mins)
35 min jog at lunch. 2 laps around Langley Park

Pedometer count