Thursday, 23 February 2012

Phase 1, Day 5 - Thursday

I'm by nature a bad sleeper, but insomnia has been worse the last couple of days. Strange as I thought less & healthier food, getting up early for workout, and more exercise would improve my sleep. Don't know if it's a reaction to the diet or just something else?

I purposely took it easy on the exercise front today. As usual, doing two taekwondo sessions in two days leaves my legs, thighs & gluts strained and painful. It takes a couple of days to recover for an old man like me... :) .

Otherwise I'm feeling good. Full of energy and positive feelings towards life in general and the program in particular. Hope it stay this way!!

1. Soup/pure from quinoa, sweet potato, carrot, corn, peas spiced w herbs, stock & garden peppers (good)
2. Carrot sticks dipped in Hummus made from chickpeas, garlic, Moroccan spice, water & lemon (good)
3. Green salad from tomato, red capsicum, cucumber, spinach & avocado dressed w balsamic (good)
4. White flesh nectarine (treat - not officially in the program..)
5. A meatball (couldn't resist... naughty, naughty)

1. Water w lemon
2. Coffee
3. Exercise drink

30 min Program A
Walk to-from work (30 mins)
35 min walk at lunch around Langley Park

Pedometer count