Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Phase 1, Day 4 - Wednesday

Screwed up when counting the meals for today & brought one less container than needed to work. Not really a big deal, but I have felt hungrier today than previously. This could also be due to today's meals not being as filling as before. Maybe quinoa  is a better stomach filler as is, opposed to blended in a soup?

I almost skipped Taekwondo practice this evening as I was feeling weak and my stomach rumbling worryingly & I discovered a leak in one of our pool pipes that I thought I'd stay home and fix before it became dark. In the end I forced myself to go, and I'm happy I did. It’s one of those situations where not going had left me with a bad conscience while actually going made me feel proud of myself and almost and euphoric afterwards. A victory for the will!!!

1. Soup/pure from quinoa, sweet potato, carrot, corn, peas spiced w herbs, stock & garden peppers (good)
2. Carrot sticks dipped in Hummus made from chickpeas, garlic, Moroccan spice, water & lemon (good..)
3. Green salad from tomato, red capsicum, cucumber, spinach & avocado dressed w balsamic (good)

1. Water w apple cider vinegar
2. Coffee
3. Exercise drink

30 min Program B (using medium bands)
Walk to-from work (30 mins)
30 min jog/walk at lunch around Langley Park
1 hour Taekwondo practice

Pedometer count
10,070 steps