Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Phase 1, Day 10 - Tuesday

Last day of first phase. Should have been a cause for celebration.

Unfortunately this isn't the case. During Taekwondo practice I slipped, flew up in the air and landed heavily on my shoulder. The extreme pain and instant immobility told me this was more than just a bruising.. So true. Ambulance to hospital with a dislocated shoulder. So now my arm is confined to a sling for the foreseeable future (3-6 weeks at least). I've seldom experienced more pain than tonight before the hospital stuffed me full of morphine and realigned my shoulder.

Apart from all other inconveniences this brings, I won't be able to fully do the program exercises. I hope I can remedy this in some way and not loose traction now I'm entering the metabolic phase.

My stomach is less tense after a couple of bowel movements. I've 'massaged' it with caffeine, plumbs and benefiber which seems to have helped.

Weigh in tomorrow :)

1. Broth with quinoa
2. Grated beet root & sliced carrots w lemon juice, garlic & Thai spice mix.
3. Corn and apple salad w avocado & balsamic vinegar

30 min walk to from work
45 min Taekwondo (before injury)

Broken. Approximately 7-8000 steps. I've purchased a $3 one from KMart as an interim until Boyer sends a new one.