Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Phase 1, Day 3 - Tuesday

Today I had planned to bring my sporting gear to work so I could jog, walk, or attend boot camp sessions during my lunch break. However things got turned a bit upside down when, on the train to work, my wife called and said one of the boys was sick. Because she had meetings to attend at her job I had to get off at the next station and head back home.

Luckily I was back in time to walk the other two boys to school. Extending the return home I managed to clock up 4000 steps by 9am, which is a good start to the day. I also did the 30 min exercise program before my breakfast cup of broth.. :)  Currently it's 9.30 & I'm working my way through some quinoa mix. It's really hard to eat. I don't know why, the flavour isn't that bad. There is just something revolting about it. Maybe its the pumpkin, which I've never been fond of or too much lemon colliding with the other flavours.

Speaking of food, being home today will provide time to think up some new and appealing meals for the next couple of days & maybe also time for another round of shopping. This was otherwise going to be a problem. When working all day & either training myself or picking up children after work, finding time for shopping and preparing meals every night is very difficult.  Especially if you are absolute in following the ingredient list. I'm not that stringent, skipping the home made stock for low salt ready made, & buying cans of chick peas, corn & kidney beans rather than organic raw stuff. The diet program seems adapted to housewives, students and others who have more domestic time than most. Us working parents will have to make our own realistic adaptations to it :)  That's one of the reasons I decided to document this journey in blog form, to keep as a memory of different dishes I made if I need to repeat it in the future (e.g. fail in maintaining the weight I loose :)  ).

In regard to the blogging, onwards I'll probably ramble less and standardise reporting the daily facts (if I keep doing daily posts). Something like:

1. Low salt chicken broth (tasteless)
2. Quinoa, pumpkin, sweet potato & spinach salad w garlic, lemon & spices (not good...)
3. Beetroot (grated), tomato, avocado salad w lemon & spices (good)

1. Water w apple cider vinegar
2. Water w lemon/lime
3. Green Tea
4. Coffee
5. Exercise drink

30 min morning program
10700 steps (I wonder if the pedometer is overly generous or I move more than I think?)
1 hour Taekwondo

30 min morning program
10700 steps (I wonder if the pedometer is overly generous or I move more than I think?)
1 hour Taekwondo