Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Phase 1, Day 2 - Monday

Day 2 and an early getup (6.10am) to do the 30 min exercise program before work. Program 2 this time and a nice, relatively easy start to the morning. This time I went easier on the cayenne pepper in the sipping drink… :)  I followed the exercise with a cup of broth, a shower and then off to work.

It’s a bit of a hassle carrying not only my work bag but also a soft esky with 9 small meal containers. Especially since a good part of my 10,000 steps/day consist of walking from the station to/from my office, about 2000 steps each way.

Today is gearing up to 36C so I doubt I’ll be able to do a walk at lunchtime without getting soaked. I managed to get a locker at work so tomorrow I’ll bring training clothes and walk, jog or join the organised boot camps at lunch time.

Today’s food: low salt beef stock (premixed) w brown and spring onions seasoned with dill, salad from grated beetroot, red kidney beans, tomato, red capsicum and spices, & the same quinoa mix I had yesterday. I sipped a bottle of apple cider vinegar water and drank black coffee and green tea during the day. The program states eggplant water but I’m skipping this as I feel the benefit will be minimal. I know that acv is good for suppressing hunger so I'm sticking to that for now.

I brought one food container to empty each hour. However, at the end of the work day I only managed 6 of 9. It's hard to eat every hour at work, especially since the food isn't easy to digest. This quinoa stuff can't be eaten quickly; every mouthful is an effort. I'm not doing that mix again, although I'll have to finish what's left tomorrow...

At work I hardly finished one meal before it was time to start on the next, which of course isn't practical when you've got things to do and meetings to attend. Normally, not eating is a good thing, but in this program I assume you need all positive energy you can get so the body doesn't start converting muscle to energy. I hope I've made the portions big enough, so what I have managed to eat is enough for the day.

Despite the heat I managed a short, slow, walk at lunch time without breaking in to a sweat. Up to now (4.30pm) my pedometer shows 5700 steps. I know I'll be adding 2-3000 by walking to the station and other movements later in the evening.

Later. I had time for 15 mins on the exercise bike before picking the boys up at Taekwondo. Combined with the 9400 steps my pedometer registered I'm pretty satisfied with today's result. 15 mins walking is about 1700-2000 steps and 15 mins on an exercise bike at least that equivalent. So I could say I've done 11-11500 steps, which is ok.

Food wise I managed 10 meals of the 12. The beetroot salad was good, but leek & onions in the broth became a bit too much. The quinoa I've already mentioned....

I've just prepared tomorrows food and found I had quinoa mix for all of tomorrow :( . For broth I'll use plain low salt premixed chicken broth. You're supposed to make it from scratch using organic bones, but in all honesty, I don't have time. Apart from the cleansing factor I doubt it will negatively affect the overall weight loss.